[dba-SQLServer] Success!! (I Think ...)

Alan Lawhon lawhonac at hiwaay.net
Mon Aug 29 17:56:20 CDT 2011

It took me the better part of 4-5 hours, (including installation of all the
"prerequisite" software along with several service pack upgrades after the
installation), but I managed to successfully download and install the SQL
Server 2008 R2 "Express" edition (with Books Online) to my Windows XP SP3
notebook computer.  It took a bit of head scratching figuring it all out,
(there's a bunch of "stuff" about Windows authentication that I need to
learn), but I finally got it all to work.

I'll download and attach the Accounts Payable sample database that goes with
my Murach SQL Server developer's book tomorrow.  Then I'll be on my way to
becoming a SQL Server expert.  I aspire to be half-to-three-quarters as
great as Rocky, John Colby, Stuart McLachlan, Gustav Brock, Francisco Tapia,
Susan Harkins, Gary Kjos, and Arthur Fuller.  (Did I leave anybody out?)

If I can get as smart as you guys (and Susan) at my advanced age, that will
be an accomplishment!

I suppose I should have started working on this a year ago - when I still
had some money - but I was convinced that I was a 55-year-old version of
Doyle Brunson on my way to earning vast riches at the poker table.  Live and
learn I suppose .

Alan C. Lawhon


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