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Michael Maddison michael at ddisolutions.com.au
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Ok, the plot thickens :-)
So you only want to remove the rows from the recordset not the
underlying data?
To disconnect the ADO  recordset from the database you set the
connection to nothing, after loading the recordset.
You will have to trial and error to see what type of recordset you need,
snapshot won't work as you have discovered.
I havn't used access as a FE for years so others might want to chip


Michael M

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Thanks for reply, MIchael.

>Why not just open the recordset sorted and loop 5 times deleting as you
go? I'm not sure but I seem to recall you don't need to movenext if you
are deleteing.

Like this?

'select rs and order by date
strsql1 = "SELECT * FROM rs WHERE player=1 ORDER BY playdate ASC
DoCmd.runsql strsql1 rs.movefirst

for n = 1 to 5
next n


Woops! I just read that a snapshot RS cannot be edited. I don't want to
modify the underlying table so I used snapshot rs. Is there another way
to play with the data in the table without modifying the underlying
===wil wakely
sunny san diego ca
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