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SQL Server has properties for assigning physical cores to it as well as amounts of memory.  I have a 
16 core server with 32 gigs of memory.  If I run two instances I can assign one SQL Server instance 
4 cores and 8 gigs of memory, another instance 8 cores and 20 gigs of memory.  All cores and memory 
not assigned are left for the OS.

John W. Colby

On 8/20/2011 1:24 AM, Alan Lawhon wrote:
> Stuart:
> Thanks for the link.  I think I understand why you would have named
> instances on the same machine.  You might have one named instance for the
> engineering department of a very large company and a second named instance
> for the accounting department - with each department having their own
> databases and applications - and their own copy of SQL Server dedicated
> solely to their instance with both instances running on the same computer.
> (That computer better have a lot of horsepower - especially if you have
> multiple named instances running concurrently with lots of users on each
> instance.)
> Alan C. Lawhon
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> Two instances of SQL Server, means that you have  two separate installations
> od the
> database engine running concurrently on the same machine
> The first time you instal SQL Server on a machine, it is automatically
> installed as  the "Default
> Instance".   You can then do a complete  instal  of SQL Server again, this
> time as a "Named
> Instance"  where you specify a different name and different port(s) for it
> to operate on.
> The concept was introduces with SQL Server 2000.
> See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa174516%28v=sql.80%29.aspx

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