[dba-SQLServer] Mirroring SQL DB's over the internet (as opposed to the LAN)

Francisco Tapia fhtapia at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 12:16:35 CDT 2011

I think you can definitely run in this scenario, but there are some things
you want to think about...performance will be greatly affected because in
the past when I worked with db mirroring, users had to wait until the log
shipping completed on the destination database.  I remember that this was
one of the big performance features that was being worked on for 2008, but I
never returned to see if this was actually fixed, the demo's of course made
it seem like you could have db mirroring across continents w/o even the
thought of latency in the mix.

report back your results, I am very interested.

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On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 8:48 AM, Mark Breen <marklbreen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I recently set up a mirror of a db over the Lan and was shocked at how easy
> it is to do.
> I wonder whether it is feasible to run a mirror over a DSL line.  Would it
> be terrible performance - is it usually only used over LAN speeds?
> I know I can just try it, but just in case you have any advice it will be
> welcome,
> In case you do not know,the steps are
> 1) switch recovery mode to Full
> 2) backup full db
> 3) restore full db to another server but set restore mode to "Restore with
> no recovery".  It is the second radio button on same pane where you click
> "Verify backup".
> 4) On the properties tab of your main db, go to mirroring, use the wizard
> to
> click through about four steps where you set the authentication and bingo
> you have a mirrored server.
> note:  I skipped the option of a witness server.
> Once you do that,  you have a red hot backup of your main db at all times.
> thanks
> Mark
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