[dba-SQLServer] [AccessD] Access runtime (an maybe full install?)

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sun Mar 13 22:27:45 CDT 2011

And it runs on the friend's old machine as well.  It feels like I might be working now.

I have to say this has been one of the most complex jobs I have taken on, with Hamachi VPN networks, 
a virtual machine running the sql server database, and then the client machine running Hamachi and 
an Access 2007 runtime.  Safe zones, sql server drivers not installed.

It has been a challenge getting this running.

John W. Colby

On 3/13/2011 10:58 PM, jwcolby wrote:
> I am trying to get an Access 2007 runtime to run reliably anywhere I install it. I had a Windows
> 2003 virtual machine hanging around so I cleaned Office off of it, and I installed the runtime. I
> got the directory path declared a safe location and voila, the application ran.
> Full of confidence I installed Hamachi, the runtime package and the app on a friend's (rather old)
> XP and it doesn't run. I dug out my old dev machine which it appears that I wiped and installed XP
> on some time ago. I installed Hamachi, got it on the VPN for this database etc. I then installed the
> runtime there and tried to run. No go.
> Of course the runtime doesn't report errors or at least reliably. So I built a little test version
> with just a single table and an autoform which automatically opened when the app opened. It actually
> reported that it couldn't talk to the odbc native sql driver (not the exact words of course). So I
> started Googling and soon discovered that this driver is installed by SQL Server as it installs.
> However an installer called sqlncli.msi is out there for download.
> I downloaded that and tried to run. No joy. I turned the machine off, and ran a network cable so it
> is directly on my network and voila, it runs. I then disabled the cable so that it is connecting to
> my network via my wireless and it runs.
> So it appears that the SQL driver is not installed as part of XP, which makes sense since this is
> SQL Server 2008 Express version I am connecting to. However I would have expected this odbc SQL
> driver to be part of the Access 2007 runtime, but it seems not.
> It does appear that a download / install / reboot of the machine will allow me to hook up to the sql
> server instance.
> So I am now running Hamachi, joined to this specific network, with the sqlncli.msi installer
> installing the ODBC SQL Server native driver, plus the Access 2007 runtime, running the full on app,
> hitting the sql server over the vpn on (the Hamachi IP for the server).
> And it works on this machine of mine.
> Now I have to install the SQL Server drivers on the friend's old machine (also running XP but on 512
> megs of ram) and ensure that will run.

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