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Think of it like a dynamic survey.

I think Duane Hookem or Darryl Johnson had a sample db on Rogers site (in

I'm currently playing with JQuery Mobile and I am thinking of implementing
Phone Gap as a cross platform common language.

How are things with iOS?

I had to friends ask me to write apps for them.
I was turned off when I found out that in order to place an app on my or
(their devices), I have to pay the $99 annual developer fee.
If that fee isn't kept current (I get by a bus or something) then the app
dies on their phones o3 or 90 days later?!?!?!

I could see if this was a market app, but something that I just threw
together for a friend gets killed too?

Do you know if this is true? This is going to kill it for me.

While I like a lot of things better about iOS, I do like the fact that I
can make an Android app and give it to a buddy and it is theirs to keep

Sorry, for the off topic hijack,

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 6:53 AM, Francisco Tapia <fhtapia at gmail.com> wrote:

> so last week I completed my first ever for production mobile application on
> iOS.  It was a great learning opportunity, and I was able to really get
> into the working concepts of Objective C.  This little app allows users to
> barcode their orders, view the materials they need to gather for their task
> and review their pdf work instructions without needing to resort to paper,
> fumble through pages to get to their instructions, and lastly they can
> process their completed work from the iPad w/o having to go stand in line
> at the computer workstation to log their work.  It was fun, and now that we
> have the demo units out and we are testing we are looking at other "mobile"
> opportunities.
> The company wants a device agnostic mobile, product (so HTML5).  They have
> an idea concept of a Troubleshooting guide (McAfee, if you're reading this,
> yes, the idea is back).  It's actually a simple concept, You visit the
> site, punch in your Serial Number so that the system can gather information
> about what you might be having trouble with and then you simply pick and
> choose from the array of questions and answers such as:
> SN: 12345
> I am having trouble with my Machine Spindle (because the user punched in
> the SN, the questions would lead him straight to the group of questions
> that match his product, ie: A type Machine with Spindles that are in-line.
> the user is the presented with a group of choices / questions, ie:
> The spindle will not turn
> the spindle is noisy
> the spindle turns rough
> the spindle is hot to the touch
> each choice invokes a group of response until the final answer leads the
> user to a set of procedures. examples would be:
> Is the Spindle within Specs?
> > procedure: how to measure spindle temparture.
> *yes
> *no
> (and so forth)
> So my impulse idea is I need a star schema.
> I'd need dimension tables For Questions, Answers and Procedures.  I think
> the trick is in my Fact table when I'm deciding to present the user with a
> result like the above...
> Question: ---Procedure Link
> Did you Test A (Here is the procedure to test A)
> Answers:
> *Yes
> *No
> this is really the first hash at this and any followup ideas are welcomed
> as I hope to invoke further discussion on decision-supports solutions...
> comments, questions, ideas?
> Thank you,
> -Francisco
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