[dba-SQLServer] sql performance monitoring

J- P jnatola at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 24 18:53:06 CDT 2018

Correct, Access functions-  one thing i have always noted even when it was on the physical server is that the when ever  you open any job , for example "Joe Blow reception "

You open the job and lets say i want to print/preview proposal, or what equipment is going on the job- ALWAYS at the bottom of the screen in access it says "calculating..................." then it opens- 5,10 even 15 seconds on the average- when things get bad it can take 20-30 or more, or it will crash Access completely -

That's when I get the infamous email or text "Access is acting up" or "We can't work"  then I login , or tell them to login to the server and  "restart the sql service"  then everything returns to normal , at least  by there standards

And when i login the server (before restarting it ) sql maybe at 2gb cpu at like 5%

The hyperv disk is Fixed VHDX

Jean-Paul Natola

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