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it ran just as crappy when it was physical as well- granted it was much older hardware-

I just feel that the standard 5-to 15 seconds waiting on "calculating" or the 10-20 seconds waiting on "running query" on the front end suggests poor "coding" for lack of a better term and when running from RDS its even worse-  After all were only talking about ~2gb DB and ~40mb Access f/e and AT MOST 20-30 concurrent users

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One other thing concerning Access functions, including UDFs. Many Access
functions have SQL equivalents, and most UDFs can be ported to SQL.
Performance gains may not be dramatic regarding UDFs, however.

Also, has it been considered that the big problem might be the VM? It might
be useful to experiment with a dedicated server rather than a VM, on a
weekend or sometime when nobody's using the system. Hardware is so
inexpensive now that the performance penalty incurred by the VM software
may not be worth it.

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