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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 27 20:05:42 CDT 2018

I apologise right away...but it is so easy to prattle on. ;-)


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We encourage snipping <snip> of posts to that which matters for the post to make sense in order to increase readability, reduce noise and reduce post sizes.

Usually the size limit is hit because the email is sent in a format other than plain text. Rich formatted email (MS or HTML) is almost always too large for the limit. We increased the size limit of the lists to 20 KB per post some years ago. 20kb is a _lot_ of plain text. We would certainly allow a post that needed more than that to get through if contacted about it. I think that has happened once in 10 years. 

We maintain this limit because there are active members who have extremely poor speeds in their part of the world. 

Unfortunately the rich formatting gets stripped after the limit is determined rather than before or most posts would go right through. There are settings in almost all email systems to set the appropriate DBA list address to use always plain text. I have made numerous posts over the years in regards to how to do it in Outlook. 

Note: our volunteer moderators are very accommodating in allowing posts through - IF you contact them.

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