[dba-SQLServer] Continuous Form Record Disappears

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
Tue May 21 20:56:17 CDT 2019

Hi Listers,


I have an Access 2010 accdb using SQL 2017 as the back end.  I have a
continuous form which has the recordset assigned as below when the screen is


    Set rstTemp = basRunDataObject("dbo.usp_RWfrmRework " & Nz(Me!cboFilter,
0) & "," & lngTeamSubID & "," & lngTeamID, adCmdText)

    Set Me.Recordset = rstTemp

    Me.UniqueTable = "dbo.RWRework"

    Me.ResyncCommand = "SELECT dbo.RWRework.* FROM dbo.RWRework INNER JOIN
dbo.RWTeamMember ON dbo.RWRework.RWTeamMemberIDNo =
dbo.RWTeamMember.RWTeamMemberID INNER JOIN dbo.RWTeamSub ON
dbo.RWTeamMember.RWTeamSubIDNo = dbo.RWTeamSub.RWTeamSubID WHERE
dbo.RWRework.RWReworkID = ?"



This works fine, records can be added and edited.  The only problem is that
when a new record is inserted (by entering in something in any field) then
the previous record fields show blank as if there was no data in them.  The
data is still there.  When the new record is saved and another record is
inserted then the data from the previously blank looking record appears and
the data from the last record entered is not blank looking.


Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas how I can prevent it?



David Emerson
Dalyn Software Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand



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