[dba-SQLServer] Rich Text Field Data from Azure Not Showing

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
Sun Jun 21 01:29:52 CDT 2020

Hi Listers,


Sorry about the cross post but my client has decided to go live tomorrow and
there is an annoying problem I would like to solve.


They have an existing SQL Server database that has been migrated to Azure.
The Access front end is an accdb.  There are three tables that have
varchar(MAX) datatypes which are used to populate text fields in Access that
have their text Format properties set to Rich Text.  This works as expected
with the text in the fields being able to be formatted.


After migrating to Azure and only needing to change the connection strings
the Access file works as per the current system with the exception that the
Rich Text fields do not display any data!


I can enter data in the field and it saves to the table but as soon as I
refresh the screen nothing is shown in the field (it is still in the
underlying table in SQL though).


Normally I get the data for my forms using ADODB.Recordsets.  When I put a
msgbox line in the VBA to show the contents of the field it comes up with
Null.   However, when I create a direct link to the table in the Tables
Group and open the table I can see the text in the field with all the rich
text formatting.


Is there something about Azure and ADODB that doesn't like varchar(MAX) data



David Emerson
Dalyn Software Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand



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