[dba-SQLServer] SQL Server Field Data Security

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
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Hi Gustav and Stuart,

The Access database will be locked down so that the key will not be
available to the users.

The option of a simple API service we host ourselves might be a solution - I
will investigate further.  Perhaps storing the info fields in an external
database may help but there is still the problem that if a field is in an
SQL database on the clients server then the Administrators could change the
field and override the activation block (eg change the expiry date to a time
in the future so the application doesn't expire).

Is there somewhere else in the SQL database (perhaps a definable "Property"
field that could store the data but is not so obvious as a table field?

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"Key = "Absolutely Curtains"

And therein lies the issue I pointed out in my previous post. If they have
access to the Accdb VBA,  encrypting/decrypting in Access as protection of
the data in the SQL Server database is pointless..

On 5 Jun 2023 at 6:23, Gustav Brock via dba-SQLServe wrote:

> Hi David
> Set up an encrypted field where you store the license info using a key 
> made from a combo of the user ID and some other field, for example the 
> record ID. See my article:
> Encryption in VBA using the Microsoft NG Cryptography (CNG) API
> https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/37113/Encryption-in-VBA-usin
> g-the-Microsoft-NG-Cryptography-CNG-API.html?preview=GPJVL38JxkM%3D
> Or retrieve the info from a simple API service you host somewhere. But 
> that will require the user to have access to the internet.
> /gustav
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> Field Data Security
> Hi Listers,
> I have a couple of fields that I would like inaccessible to the 
> client's IT department that might have access to my SQL database.
> They store data that is used internally by my Access application to 
> determine whether the users should still be able to use the software.
> I don't want to store the values in the access application itself as 
> the unlocking of the software should only be done once and apply to 
> all users (who will have their own copies of the FE).
> My thought is that they would be in a separate table and I would 
> prevent anyone with SA or administrator roles from being able to look 
> at the table design and data (or at least not change the data) unless 
> it is me (but how do I prevent Administrator users from changing the 
> permissions?).
> What is the best way of doing this?  Is there another method (similar 
> to Access Database Properties) where I could store the data in another 
> place in SQL instead?
> Regards
> David Emerson
> Dalyn Software Ltd
> Adelaide, Australia
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