[dba-Tech] Multiple Monitors

Dan Waters dwaters at usinternet.com
Sat Apr 1 08:05:14 CST 2006

Hello to Everyone - and welcome to April!

I'd like to have more than one monitor to use while developing.  I'm
currently using a Dell 8200 which has a UXGA monitor (1200 X 1600).  I put
the monitor on a stand I made and I use a separate keyboard so this is the
equivalent of having a PC with a 15" UXGA flat LCD monitor.

I'd like have two screens like this one, but it appears that flat panel
monitors don't go to UXGA resolution until at least the 19" size.  This
would be too much for me and for my wallet. 

I did find on eBay that people sell screens from laptops that were
originally a part of a laptop, or perhaps they've been refurbished.  So, if
I could get an equivalent laptop screen, I could mount it adjacent to my
laptop and my work space would double.  

My question - for all you hardware experts - is there a way to connect a
disconnected laptop screen to a similar laptop computer so they can be used
together as dual monitors?

Dan Waters

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