[dba-Tech] Exchange/Domino Server compromised

artful at rogers.com artful at rogers.com
Tue Jul 18 23:08:57 CDT 2006

A good friend of mine is in serious trouble. It appears that his Exchange/Domino server (one box running both) has been compromised. Looks like someone has got in and turned it into a spam server. Something is consuming 100% of the resources. Fixing this is way beyond my skill set. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can pass on? What to do? Shut down the server, re-install everything and start over? How to find the avenue of compromise? My friend is in big trouble, with limited resources, and he's a valued friend. I don't have any skills in either Exchange or Domino so I'm at a total loss and hoping someone here can give me advice to pass on to him.


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