[dba-Tech] Office XP new installation

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 29 12:14:57 CDT 2006

The usual reason for this is not doing an install from an admin account.
At least I have avoided anything like this by doing it from Admin.

General users do not have permissions to write to some registry keys
that are referenced by things like Msohelp.exe file.

Don't forget to add all the Service packs in order first
97 has 2, XP has 3.

Maybe something here


Lembit Soobik wrote:

>I have done a new Win XP Pro install on a clean HD
>I have then installed Office 97 - only Access 97
>then installed into a different directory OfficeXP: AccessXP, Excel, Word, 
>PP, Outlook
>while Acc97 works,
>on the Office XP I get following problems:
>AccessXP: a window opens and tells me wait till Windows configures Office 
>then another window with a similar message and progressbar.
>then its finished and Access never shows up.
>on the other programs Excel, Word,.. similar windows show up but very short 
>time only and then the application is there and can be used.
>I have tried with Control panel - MS office XP - change - to repair and also 
>to do reinstall, both left me with the same result.
>any ideas?
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