[dba-Tech] Need Java Updates?

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 30 19:26:39 CDT 2006

I had a look on my machine and had 7 updates. 700 Meg
They renamed the runtime environment to 5.0 instead of calling it
v1.5. at some point.  It is now up to 5.0 update 7.

explanation of name change

Download latest from this month

Sun gives a conflicting version of deleting old versions
saying some software may only run against an older version
and actually link to that specific version. One program
mentioned was a stock broking program like Ameritrade.
So you shouldn't delete the older versions.

But the newer versions have security upgrades in them!

I would remove the older ones as a security risk.
As some website could check your machine for
an older vulnerable version.


Rocky Smolin - Beach Access Software wrote:

>I have JSE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 2, JSE Runtime Environment 5.0 
>Update 4, and JSE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 listed in my 
>add/remove programs dialog (as well as Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE 
>The three update files take up 435 megabytes.  I'm getting a bit short 
>of space on this drive.  Do I need those update files?

Marty Connelly
Victoria, B.C.

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