[dba-Tech] Weird Word switch -- Options missing in Macro dialog box

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 13:24:04 CDT 2007

It's time for a vacation... 

The Options button is in Excel, not Word. Seriously, some days... 

Susan H. 

Hi Susan,

Well, what I find is that in the Create Macro dialog box there is a choice
to make of assigning the macro to a toolbar or the keyboard - or not.  I've
just made two macros, one I didn't assign to any shortcut, the other I did. 

When I select Tools > Macro > Macros, I do see an Organizer. . . button but
no Options button. 

In the Tools > Customize dialog box I do find the Keyboard button for
assigning a shortcut.

Sorry I'm not much help - I don't see an Option button anywhere in the macro
making and assigning system.

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