[dba-Tech] Mouse and keyboard simulation

Lembit Soobik lembit.dbamail at t-online.de
Mon Sep 22 08:06:13 CDT 2008

For my new camcorder (AVCHD) I need to convert the scenes into mpg format in
order to edit them with my usual SW (Pinnacle Liquid). The software to do
this came with the camcorder. It is Pixela and works fine, but has one
shortcomming: each scene has to be converted by itself, no batch processing
I have to click on a scene in the list, then open the file menu, select
export and in the next window click enter. takes a while and then I can
select the next one. with 1000 scenes and more it takes a while.
I think I heared about a SW once which could do such work, but I dont even
know how to call it to search in  Internet.
any ideas?
thank you

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