[dba-Tech] Very OT and It's only Monday so forgive me

Don Bozarth drboz at pacbell.net
Mon Sep 22 12:52:48 CDT 2008

The strap is a passant, the epaulette was originally the fringed ornamental 
shoulder piece.  I don't belive the badge of rank worn on the passant is 
actually an epaulette.

Don B.

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> Thanks for the correction but this only doubles the problem. What is the
> name of the strap on the shoulder to which one's rank badges are attached?
> (This is news to me. I thought that epaulet was the name of the strap, not
> the name of the appended military honours.)
> A.
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 1:55 PM, Stuart McLachlan 
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>> Striclty speaking,  the shoulder one is a shoulder straps.
>>  An epaulet (or epaulette) is a badge of rank worn on  the shoulder 
>> strap -
>> the
>> shoulder strap is used to attach the epaulette (or these days more 
>> usually
>> just a "slip-on")
>> No idea about the sleeve one.
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