[dba-Tech] New web browser

Steve Erbach erbachs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 16:48:08 CDT 2008


I just came across this thread.  I've been experimenting with Chrome
for a while, since the day after it went into public beta.  I like it
quite a lot:

1) The on-page search (Ctrl-F) is very interesting in that it shows
how many matches there are for your search phrase, and it places small
gold bars in the scroll bar to show realtive to the page length, where
those other occurences can be found.

2) That tear-off tab thing is very well executed.  I'm not sure that
it's that terrible useful, but they've sure done a nice job of it.

3) The sparse interface is also nice and so is the idea of the tabs
above the address bar.

4) I like the bolding of the domain name in the address bar.  It's
just a nice little added touch.

5) The Most Visited page is all right, though it would be nice to
remove pages from the lineup or be able to re-order them.

My biggest issue is that I use Windows XP Professional x64 at home and
at work.  Whenever I try to open the Options dialog, Chrome crashes.
Same thing when I try to Report a Bug.

Steve Erbach
Neenah, WI

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 7:20 PM, DJK(John) Robinson <djkr at msn.com> wrote:
> Give it a try - it's fast.  I like the tear-off tabs, too.  But I was moved
> to have a look at it because the design approach appealed.
> John
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> Hi Jim
> Thanks for bringing attention to this. It's an interesting project.
> First, the idea of having one process per tab and even compile the
> JavaScript to speed up execution (the V8 engine, go to page 13 pp) is quite
> clever.
> Second, from a communications' viewpoint, the comic book style presentation
> is extremely well done. Notice that the characters on stage are the actual
> key developers by name. It is amazing how a small touch of high-level humour
> can lift the experience without degrading the message. Even if you are not
> interested in the browser project, you should browse the presentation.
> /gustav

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