[dba-Tech] Outlook and Registry values

Dan Waters dwaters at usinternet.com
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Hi Susan,

I use a free registry cleaner just called Wise Registry Cleaner.  It
presents a list of registry entries (and paths) that will be repaired - if
you know which entries you want to repair by name, you can de-select
everything else.

There is also a Pro (pay) version, but I don't know what the added features


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I just uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 because Outlook and Access
were both hosed. I also uninstalled Office 2007 and I don't plan to
reinstall it on the same system -- I really believe 2007 is what screwed
things up in the first place. 

Outlook is still busted, although, it is better than it was. I get an error
that tells me there's a problem with Registry values and to reinstall --
ummm... I just did that. 

I could chase this one for days. 

Can anyone recommend a Registry cleaner that I can specify the application
-- so that it only reviews and fixes Outlook values? 

Susan H. 
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