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Sitting in front of an XP box right now.  To do that in XP just open an explorer window, find "My Network Places" and right-click and choose 'properties'.  That displays a window with the network cards listed. Right click the one that is in use and choose properties again. In the resulting dialog you should be able to enable/install Client for Microsoft Networks.

I'm fairly sure the steps will be pretty similar in W7.



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Various forums say that the error I'm getting is because I need to enable Client for Microsoft Networks in network properties but I can't figure out how to do that in Windows 7.  Anybody know how?


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Dear list(s):

Max is home for the summer.  His dell laptop has Windows 7.  He has internet
access but cannot connect to any of the machines on the home network (or
therefore install a network printer which is what led us to this problem to
begin with).

Clicking on Network displays all of the computers except my Windows XP box
(which I would like his box to see because I have the best printer local to
my WXP box).  When he tries to open any of the displayed comps (they're all
shared - I can access any of them from any of my other boxes), he gets a
message "Windows cannot access (name of computer). 

His workgroup name is WORKGROUP - same as all the network boxes. 

Where should I start to figure out why he can't see the other boxes on the




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