[dba-Tech] SPSS Needed Fast and Cheap

Dan Waters df.waters at comcast.net
Sun Jul 11 09:23:35 CDT 2010

Hi Rocky,

You can do an ANOVA in Excel.

>From Excel Help (search for ANOVA):

	Accessing the data analysis tools The Analysis ToolPak includes the
tools described below. To access these tools, click Data Analysis on 	the
Tools menu. If the Data Analysis command is not available, you 	need to load
the Analysis ToolPak add-in program.

Perhaps that will help.

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Dear List(s):

Does anyone know where to get SPSS fast and cheap?  Max needs it for data
analysis on psych project. But I think the student version doesn't have
ANOVA.  So I think he'll need the grown-up version.  But frankly, neither of
us can figure it out from what we can find out on the web.


Rocky Smolin

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