[dba-Tech] Web pages

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue May 11 12:00:37 CDT 2010

Hi All:

For all you web designer and programmers out there I have a question about
web paging.

What is the best method for paging through a web site?

There is of course the rudimentary method of going from page to page...
clicking on some object and the window is refreshed with a new html page.
This has its benefits as it is simple to manage and design.

The other common methods that I have used are the InnerHTML, the IFrame and
the Switch Off and On method.

1. The InnerHTML method:
I use this traditionally when retrieving data from various sources,
re-formatting it and then pushing update between a couple of DIV tags. Its
good for allowing great flexibility but it can eat the cycles.

2. The Iframe method:
This seems to work best when retrieving a fairly static page and then
presenting it with the Iframe box. It is good for allowing whole page to be
presented within a single square but it is difficult to allow the passing of
parameters from the inner to outer parts of the window.

3. The Switch Off and On method:
The display data is hidden on the current page but by clicking on an object
its display can be turned off or on. This method is good for fast popup type
displays but it does make the page large and therefore slower to download.

There may be other methods or variation on a theme and techniques that I am
unaware of. All comments, suggestions and observation would be appreciated


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