[dba-Tech] Renaming Windows Folders using code

Martin Reid mwp.reid at qub.ac.uk
Thu May 20 10:29:26 CDT 2010

Thanks Gustav

Sorry I amnot being very clear. I have to do this out in Windows as opposed to Access!

Sorry for confusion.


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Hi Martin

Try with

  Name "mreid" As "M Reid"

or rather:

  Name "d:\path\mreid" As "d:\path\M Reid"

The new name can be build this way:

  strNew = UCase(Left(strOld, 1)) & " " & StrConv(Mid(strOld, 2), vbProperCase)


>>> mwp.reid at qub.ac.uk 20-05-2010 16:32 >>>

I imported a load of SharePoint data from a backup and ended up with a folder structure based on site names which are first initial and surname.


I need to loop over that structure and change the folder name to m reid, r reid etc

first letter space then surname


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