[dba-Tech] Server question

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Feb 2 04:05:26 CST 2011

Hi Susan

These things are controlled by your dashboard as AWS.
But as it sounds like some specific issues, I would address AWS support.


>>> ssharkins at gmail.com 02-02-2011 01:03 >>>
This comes from my nephew -- I've no clue what he's talking about -- perhaps someone here does? I left the message intact, even what might be irrelevant. 

Susan H. 

I'm trying to access servers I'm running on Amazon Web Services and I'm having trouble logging into my server instances.  Here's more about the problem in a post I have on their forum:  


"AMI" is Amazon's term for a server 'image' (Amazon Machine Image), btw.

I'm putting together a product/service that requires the most powerful server I can find, and AWS lets you create a cluster computer, which is several computers working as one, sharing computer resources, acting like a supercomputer.  A 'regular' server just won't do.

People are paying hundreds of dollars per month on a particular service right now, and I've found a way to make the same service at least 75% cheaper.  It sells itself.  I just need some technical help.  I've solved alot of the technical and logistical issues already, but I keep getting hung-up on other problems, some that should be easy to solve, like logging in.  I do online research constantly, but this subject is so new that I'm finding no good sources of information.  The info is scattered and cryptic.  I just don't know any 'computer' people, and this is the type of company that really needs a team of people.

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