[dba-Tech] Small Business Server 2003 and smartphones

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 8 16:03:49 CST 2011

I have a friend who spent months perfecting email to blackberries on a SBS
2003. I will call him and arrange for you to converse...if you would like.


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I have a SBS 2003 server running Exchange that I need to allow some of our
users to get their e-mail from on their smartphones.  I'm using a Sonicwall
firewall appliance between the internet and our network and with a dynamic
IP address.  I can use DynDns or no-ip if I need to have a static ip but
what settings to I need to make on the firewall and server to allow users to
securely connect?

Any ideas or links would be appreciated.


Rusty Hammond

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