[dba-Tech] Microsoft Windows 7 cell phones are having problems

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 11 10:12:51 CST 2011

Hi Gustav:

Right now nobody knows. If it is a bad design or some configuration issue
that is easily made but not understood by the users, that is a problem. At
the time of the news release no one, at least in or related to press had any
idea what this data flow was for. 

I would suspect on going updates as Microsoft has always done, on PC,
totally automated except that does not really work on a cell phone device
where every byte transferred cost money. 

I suspect it is minor issue but the amount of bad press is major and just
what Microsoft doesn't need... especially as iPhone is just getting more
established and Android is cleaning up.


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Hi Jim

As the article mentions "some" not "all", the extra data transmitted by some
phones is probably due to some misconfiguration or misbehaviour of a kind.
It should be relatively easy to track down.


>>> accessd at shaw.ca 11-01-2011 06:09 >>>
According to an email sent to me this evening, it appears that the windows
cell phone operating system is causing and having some problems. 


This might be the final death knell to MS's aspirations of getting a firm
foot hold in the growing cell phone market.

The question is whether this is a system bug or a design feature...


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