[dba-Tech] Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold

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Hi Jim

Not that well, because so much else eats the time, and I haven't yet got my phone. The emulator is fine but I imagine the real fun starts with a real phone.


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So how is your development coming along?


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Hi all

If you are serious about Windows Phone 7, this 1000+ page monster book from
Microsoft is only a 13 MB download + 5 MB for code samples:


Note this:

To use this book properly you'll need to download and install the Windows
Phone Developer Tools, which includes Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows
Phone, XNA Game Studio 4.0, and an on-screen Windows Phone Emulator to test
your programs in the absence of an actual device. Get the latest information
and downloads at http://developer.windowsphone.com. 

You can install these tools on top of Visual Studio 2010, in effect
enhancing Visual Studio 2010 for phone development. That's the configuration
I used.

Although you can do quite a bit with the phone emulator, at some point
you'll want to deploy your programs to an actual Windows Phone 7 device. You
can register as a phone developer at http://developer.windowsphone.com and
then have the ability to unlock your phone so you can deploy your programs
from Visual Studio. 


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