[dba-Tech] IIS Virtual directories in Windows 7

Mark Breen marklbreen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 02:45:00 CST 2011

Hello Arthur

You need to create a website in IIS as normal, and then point that site to
the physical directory on your D Drive.

Do you know that you also have to assign Network service write / edit
permissions on that folder in D ?
Have you read about the new app pool security settings that you need to get
right in IIS 7.0 / 7.5 ?  There are loads of articles about it, but do not
fumble around for hours - don't ask me how I know - read the articles and
then make your settings.

in my IIS here, I have the app pool running  in integrated mode, under the
identity of network service.  You must get this stuff right otherwise it
will not work for you.

finally make sure to assign network service as a user to your db as well -
do not forget this also and again I repeat - don't ask me how I know.

If I can help with anything, just ask.  I am using it for a while now and
find it useful


On 20 January 2011 17:42, Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to run DotNetNuke using IIS in Windows 7. The DNN stuff is in
> d:\DotNetNuke so I need to create  a virtual directory to point there. The
> UI has changed quite a bit and I can't figure out how to do it.
> Suggestions?
> TIA,
> Arthur
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