[dba-Tech] How RAM slots are numbered

Jon Tydda jon at tydda.plus.com
Tue Jan 3 06:45:12 CST 2012

Look up your motherboard on google, the manufacturers website will usually have the manuals online and you'll be a to zoom into the diagrams to see which slot is which. 


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On 3 Jan 2012, at 12:37, Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com> wrote:

> Belarc Advisor reports 4 memory slots on my motherboard, named A0-A3.
> There's a problem with one slot, A3, but I don't know which end A3 is on.
> The slot allegedly contains a 1GB module, but Belarc reports it as empty.
> All the modules seem to be seated correctly. Is there a simpler way to find
> out which direction they are numbered in, short of yanking the first
> module, then rebooting, and if that doesn't work, replace it and yank the
> other at the other end? My eyes are too bad and my fingers too stubby for
> this sort of delicate work LOL. I think the way they jam stuff in there is
> purposeful -- to guarantee computer-repair jobs for delicate Asian hands :)
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