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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 4 14:25:29 CST 2012

I am duly impressed. 

Very good job Arthur and a wonderful way to start off the New Years. Keep
the programming information current, keep the subjects varied and the
politics radical and I will be visiting often. :-)


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Hello everyone,

I have created a blog and so far not a single person has responded to
anything posted thus far. So please, dear reader, visit
http://artfulopinions.blogspot.com/ and tell me what an idiot I am, or how
brilliant I am, or what an average dullard I am, or how much time I'm
wasting doing this when I could be learning more about C#, or something
else that I haven't thought of.

Cell: 647.710.1314

Prediction is difficult, especially of the future.
  -- Werner Heisenberg
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