[dba-Tech] Another database from hell

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sat Jan 7 18:03:33 CST 2012

Are they using wired or wireless network connections? Access over wireless can be very 


On 7 Jan 2012 at 18:32, Mark Breen wrote:

> Hello AccessD Friends,
> I have a new client and my task is to replace an aging Access database with
> a DotNetNuke based system.
> Because the Access db is due for early retirement, neither I nor the client
> wish to invest any time or effort in re-programming.  I am prepared to
> perform some minor improvements, but on the basis that it is working as is
> for a number of years, I do not want to do too much work on it.
> The reason I am seeking help from AccessD is that the Access App is loosing
> connection with the network a few times per day.  The message the users get
> is
> *"Your network access was interrupted.  To continue, close the database and
> then open it again.    You cannot save the record at this time"*
> Now the scary bit,
> 1) the db is 120 MB when fully compacted but quickly grows back to 300MB.
> 2) There are 12 to 15 simultaneous users.
> 3) Each user always opens two instances of MS Access so that they can keep
> two different screens open at all times.
> 4) It does not help if I configure a BE and an FE or simply include all
> tables in the one mdb file.
> 5) They do not currently operate with an FE on the local machine (I am
> considering moving FE's locally to test that).
> 6) All PCs are slow and old
> 7) Error handling and best practices are absolutely non-existent
> 8) Some PCs run Access 2007 and some run 2003.
> The db files are stored on a Windows 2008 R2 Server, but the users think
> they had better performance when it was hosted on Windows XP machines, I am
> not sure if that is correct but can check.
> Any suggestions ??
> My advice to someone in my position would be to simply not touch the Access
> App and focus on the new app, but if I could think of a quick win, I would
> try it to simply prevent the error mentioned above.
> Thanks for any advice and I will understand if you have non at all :)
> Mark
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