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Hi Arthur

And don't forget LINQPad:


It's even free but for a small amount you can buy the Pro version with autocompletion and more.


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Hi Arthur,

LINQ is a Microsoft BIG DEAL!  It's NOT being deprecated.

What you may have read is that Linq-to-SQL is being deprecated - also not
true.  A few years ago MS apparently said something that was misinterpreted
as LtS being deprecated in favor of Linq-to-Entities, and that sparked a
rumor which hasn't died yet.

In a very broad definition LINQ replaces recordsets.

LTS and LTE are similar concepts.  Each provides a way to avoid using lots
of connection and command code to update the underlying database.  The broad
difference is that LtS works only with Sql Server, while LtE works with any
database.  As you might guess, LtS is simpler and faster.  If you're
defining your own tables in Sql Server it's the right path to take.  With
any other BE, you'll need LtE.  LtE can make developer life easier because
you can avoid 'impedance mismatch' between the data fields and types in the
BE, and what the FE really wants to have (I don't know much about LtE).  But
you won't have that if you're designing your own tables.  LtE is also more
complex than LtS, and I've read where some shops have deemed it too
problematic and have stopped using it.

Another thing you may hear is that LtS and LtE are slow.  I've read both,
but the consensus is that if you're operating on large numbers of records,
you may want to do some comparison testing to see if it's fast enough.  For
example, in my system when I initially opened a form and pulled over all the
table records from BE to FE across a WAN (~ 16K records), the form took
about 30 seconds to open.  But when I rewrote it so that only one record at
a time came across, there was no opening lag.  I didn't compare to opening
an ADO recordset with 16K records so I don't have a comparison.

Do some searches on 'Learning LINQ', 'Learning Linq to SQL', etc., and
you'll have reading for a week.

Good Luck!

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I'm learning C# 2010 and part of that concerns Linq. I thought I'd read
something about Linq being deprecated. Am I mistaken? Am I wasting my time
learning that part?

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