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Hi Art,

I have a 120 Gb SSD I'm using as a boot disk.  Boot up time is 1:06 every
time.  If I had a new i7-2600K that was overclocked, it could be quite a bit
faster.  But 10 seconds from off to ready?  I wonder how that happens.


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Last night a friend of mine told me about a friend of his, who has put
together a computer for use by him and his wife. It's got a pair of 2TB hard
disks and more interestingly, a solid state hard disk that he has set up to
be the boot disk. From a switched-off machine to the whole OS loaded and
ready to go, elapsed time 10 seconds! Not quite "instant-on" but pretty
darned close.

I don't have any SSHDs but I do have a couple of 16GB memory sticks. Has
anyone set up one of those to be the boot disk? And if so, what was the
bootup time?

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