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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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I am not sure who the intended audience is supposed to be but the core
project being an OpenSource venture suggests that the finished product will
be open to anyone. 

The following is my translation of this version of the cloud implementation:

1. It is more just a data storage area; similar to very simple cloud
offerings...or some kind of customized proprietary database engine.
2. It does more than support web based languages like Ruby, PHP and Perl.
3. It supports major virtualization standards (now opensource) like Hyper-V
from Microsoft, Xen/Xen server from Citrix and VMWare ESX from Sun/Oracle.

This would imply that entire OSs can be loaded in to these environments and
their related applications can then be run. Right now .Net languages, by
their nature, have been excluded from Cloud because of their tight
dependency on the Windows Desktops and Servers. At this time there is only
CLI type interfaces but there is the promise of desktop management GUIs for
lazy people, like myself.

A lot of this is from speculation as the product is still under full
construction but it does promise to be truly ground breaking in scope.
Imagine being able to place access to one of your applications, through the
internet to any client in the world and having this deployment managed from
your home or office with little or no concern as to the client's hardware.


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Hi Jim

Interesting, but what can we use it for?

Who is the audience for this?

Institutions and service providers with physical hardware that they'd like
to use for large-scale cloud deployments. In addition, companies who have
specific requirements which prevent them from running in a public cloud.

OpenStack is probably not something that the average business would consider
deploying themselves yet. 

Seems like a tool for the really big boys only.


>>> accessd at shaw.ca 12-01-2012 19:15 >>>
Openstack the current largest OpenSource Cloud application (currently
supported by Rackspace and NASA) has just received yet another boost with
AT&T throwing its considerable financial support behind it and they are
planning to add a number of APIs. 

"AT&T has promised a LAMP stack for CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat and
Windows Server for AT&T Cloud Architect, with plans to add a "full API
framework" letting devs "fully tap" into AT&T's cloud."

So what does OpenStack Cloud do and give? According to Openstack:

Why OpenStack?

Control and Flexibility. Open source platform means you're never locked to a
proprietary vendor, and modular design can integrate with legacy or
third-party technologies to meet your business needs. Hypervisor support for
Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Xen, KVM, VMWware ESX, LXC, QEMU, and

Industry Standard. More than 60 leading companies from over a dozen
countries are participating in OpenStack, including Cisco, Citrix, Dell,
Intel and Microsoft, and new OpenStack clouds are coming online across the

Proven Software. Running the OpenStack cloud operating system means running
the same software that today powers some of the largest public and private
clouds in the world.

Compatible and Connected. Compatibility with public OpenStack clouds means
enterprises are prepared for the future, making it easy to migrate data and
applications to public clouds when conditions are right, based on security
policies, economics, and other key business criteria.

You can view the main page via: http://openstack.org 

So yet another big option for all who are thinking a dabbling or going into
full production on the web.


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