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weight?  Screen size?  dimensions?


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I was looking at a new laptop and this one is impressive.

It is probably the most powerful laptop available and it is priced quite
reasonability. It was priced less than $1000 around Christmas but it has
climbed in value since the latest model has been introduced.

I apologies if there is any errors in my memory of the stats but they
pretty close.

The unit is the new Asus laptop. It comes with 12GB of RAM (up to 16GB),
750GB Hard drive and a slot for an extra 750 is required. It has 6 cores
use the new Intel 7i CPU. If you are not completely impressed it has
additional 3GB of RAM for the video card and it gives a full high

It sports a special battery system which will allows the computer to run
maximum performance for 2 to 3 hours without a wall connection and at 8
to 9
hours with regular use. To keep everything cool it has special cooling
configuration so it should never overheat. 

There is just about every port type available. It can easily run your
flat screen whether by direct cabling or Wi-Fi. Note the Wi-Fi/NIC
10/100/1000. It has one of the best mini-camera available, excellent
built-in microphones and speaker system.

Other features are an instant on. When you turn it off/ close the screen
saves the current setting and comes up in what ever state the system was
last at...instantly. It has a full warranty against any mishap like
or even dumping a coffee on keyboard etc... one full year if purchased
and two full years if purchase via most major credit cards. 

In the computer store, where this was being sold (PCs, Macs and laptops,
desktops and servers), it was the most powerful unit available and that
includes computers at twice the price. No sissy pink, turquoise or white
colours for this baby just black or brushed steel.

Of course, this unit isn't for everyone. It can be used by serious
gamers of
course but it is much more... serious programmers, system developer,
specialists and animators will undoubtedly find this new offering

For a travelling systems person it is a dream come true... a full
office away from home. :-)


PS No I do not have one but I can dream. 

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