[dba-Tech] CyberWar

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 06:55:14 CST 2012

This is from slashdot:

"The NY Times describes what may be the beginning of an actual cyberwar
between a pro-Palestinian group and Israeli companies, specifically El Al
and the Tel Aviv stock exchange. From the article: 'A hacker identifying
himself as oxOmar, already notorious for posting the details of more than
20,000 Israeli credit cards, sent an overnight warning to Israel's Ynet
news outlet that a group of pro-Palestinian cyberattackers called Nightmare
planned to bring down the sites in the morning.' Though the article is
skimpy on technical details, the group appears to have engaged merely in a
DDOS attack. Hamas praised the attack as opening 'a new resistance front
against Israel.' Is this the first acknowledged cyberwar?"

Lots of S-F writers have been predicting the union of politicos and
hackers. Looks like the future is Now.

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