[dba-Tech] VPN on a virtual Windows 2008 server...and Remote Desktop

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Jan 18 11:25:18 CST 2012

Hi Steve

To follow the Microsoft route, you need Terminal Service to be installed on the server and licenses for this for the users. If do this, do double check the licensing methods or you may waste a lot of time getting this straight.

There is a hack (google around) for Windows XP which allows more than two RDP connections at one time but that's probably not a good idea in this case.

Small Business Server is routinely set up to use VPN for RDP connections, and it works great. There's no reason why it shouldn't work for virtual servers as well if just the network connection of these are bridged to the physical network as is normally the case.

You could also skip Terminal Services and use third-party software like WinConnect Server XP:


Be aware that the license of this will be locked to the (first) server you install this on, or you will need a call and a good explanation to the support line.


>>> erbachs at gmail.com 18-01-2012 17:51 >>>
Dear Group,

I've been working with a client who wants to offer his software package
(which I wrote in Access 2003) to clients via Remote Desktop connections to
a GoDaddy.com virtual Windows Server. I've got Remote Desktop working just
fine to allow users to log into the virtual server (2 GB RAM, 30 GB hard
disk) and run the Access application...but Windows Server 2008 only has two
built-in Remote Desktop licenses for simultaneous use. My client thinks
we'll need more.

He and I were on a conference call with a support guy from GoDaddy.com
yesterday. I asked him about setting up a VPN on the virtual server and he
said that that wasn't possible. However, he didn't know that Windows Server
2008 had TWO Remote Desktop access licenses built-in. He was also surprised
when I told him that I can log into the server with two separate Remote
Desktop sessions. That didn't make me confident that his pronouncement
about VPN on a virtual server was accurate.

So I'd like to ask you folks: can a VPN be set up on a VIRTUAL Windows
Server 2008 installation? I've read through some threads here that mention
Hamachi VPN. Not that I want to learn yet another software package to be
responsible for, but it seems that that has some boosters here.

Also (subsidiary question) has anyone here ever purchased additional Remote
Desktop licenses from Microsoft? Thanks in advance!


Steve Erbach
Neenah, WI

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