[dba-Tech] VPN on a virtual Windows 2008 server...and RemoteDesktop

Steve Erbach erbachs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 14:56:26 CST 2012


We haven't painted ourselves into a corner.  My client -- the owner of the
app I wrote -- was hoping to offer the application via the Internet without
first having to convert it to an ASP.NET/SQL Server web app.  I've quoted
him on that, but it was a bit high for his blood. It's been a while since I
made that quote (3 years or so) and I know more about .NET and SQL Server
so I'm going to re-visit it.

One option is to continue marketing the application as a stand-alone or
LAN-based Access app as it has been for years.  Of course, keeping everyone
at the same revision level is a challenge.

He recently left the company he was working for after 24 years due to
re-org. Now he wants to devote his energies to this side business that he's
had all these years. My app is a very large part of that. That's why he'd
hoped (me too!) that we could do an interim "Internet" solution with Remote

I got confirmation from GoDaddy that the plan my client purchased (at my
recommendation for about $41 a month) isn't sufficient enough to allow a
VPN to be set up nor can Windows Remote Access Server be set up on it.
 Have to upgrade to a full dedicated server at about triple the price. I
think he should also hire a network guru to assist in setting up VPN and
Remote Access...if we go that way.  What you said about the resource
requirement is important.

Thanks, Jim.

Steve Erbach
Neenah, WI

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 1:22 PM, Jim Lawrence <accessd at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Hi Steve:
> I am a little late to this discussion so most has already been said.
> First: MS always has two term server connection, on their servers, designed
> mostly for administration support. Any other terminal licenses must be
> purchased separately.
> Second: I have not worked much with MS terminal services but have done a
> bit
> with Citrix (the MS terminal server core is Citrix) as related to some
> large
> clients (various banks). I have not been to the Toronto hosting sites but
> have received a few pictures, from friends and the BE is huge. It takes a
> lot of muscle to handle many remote sessions.
> Third: Hamachi is now owned by LogMeIn. I met with the owners of the
> original company as they are from Vancouver. Hamachi works because it
> accesses addresses and ports outside scan range (In the 5.xx.xx.xx range)
> and these ports are usually not blocked by the hosting routers. The only
> way
> these ports can be setup, is to remote-in to remote your server, then you
> install Hamachi and it then monitors the new port, it generates, allowing
> remote access. Then the new port can be used for connecting. Note your
> hosting company may have blocked the Hamachi working ports as that may be
> considered a security violation.
> Aside: The DBA web site is in virtual drive and it is managed through a
> secure Hamachi connection. Of course web sites are designed to handle
> hundreds of sessions with minimal impact...thanks to IIS (or Apache).
> A question: Unless you remote host company is specifically setup to manage
> multiple remote sessions, like a full terminal server installation, the
> impact on their system would be dramatic or you remote performance would be
> throttled down... I did not remember hearing if that is the type of hosting
> you have purchased.
> I really do hope you have not painted yourself into a corner with this
> contract but the good news is that there are alternatives but they are not
> quick or easy.
> Jim
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> Gustav,
> And I didn't explain adquately.  Sorry. GoDaddy offers "virtual dedicated
> servers" at a very favorable monthly rate.
> What we're running into is reluctance on the part of IT folks to allow
> Remote Desktop connections to that virtual server. They don't like opening
> ports.
> Regarding Microsoft Azure, I've heard of it but have no idea what it
> is...but it sounds like that's what GoDaddy uses to put limits on their
> virtual dedicated servers. That could be an unfortunate game changer.
> I'll see about contacting the Hamachi folks.
> Thank you,
> Steve Erbach
> Neenah, WI

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