[dba-Tech] Incompatibility

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 11:17:47 CST 2012

I think that I have a potential way around this too. Buy the machine and
then immediately create boot disks that restore the current configuration.
Then format the disk and fry everything. Then install Ubuntu as the base
OS, and then install VirtualBox or something equivalent, and then run
Windows 8 as a VM.

I haven't tried this, and can't until the 27th, when I get my pension loot.
But on said day, I'm going to do radical surgery on my box, placing my
confidence in Acronis DriveImage. I'm hoping the radical surgery will go
well, but in the event of failure, I'll still have the images. My goal is a
totally clean slate, with a few memory sticks configured to boot this or
that OS, depending on how I feel. Mondays and Wednesdays, Windows, Tuesday
and Thursday, Ubuntu, Friday and Saturday, Chromium or something else, and
Sunday, switch the 'puter off and do something physical for a change
(pushups, take the cat for a walk, trek to the vodka store, etc.) And
occasionally revise my CV.

As to new acquisitions of hardware, I've been thinking of following Richard
Stallman's lead.

Cell: 647.710.1314

Prediction is difficult, especially of the future.
  -- Niels Bohr

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