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Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Thu Jan 26 10:46:51 CST 2012

Dear Lists:
I am having trouble creating a mail rule for my wife on her Outlook Express.
I recently registered with Cappex.com on advice of my older son who is
graduating this year from college.  It's a site that sends you advice about
scholarships targeted to your profile.  I entered my younger son's profile.
Of course I'm getting a lot of emails from them about various colleges that
would like to get #2 son on their mailing list.  As well as a couple showing
scholarship information.
I set up a rule in my Outlook to forward all the Cappex emails to my wife so
she could keep an eye on them as well.  I created a Cappex folder on her
Outlook Express named Cappex.  Then I tried to create a rule that would sort
those forwarded emails into the Cappex folder on her box.  
But none of the rules seems to work on the forwarded emails.  The Cappex
rule is the first one on the list.  Further down is a rule that if the email
comes from me it goes into the Rocky folder.  So far, all my attempts have
failed - all of the forwarded mail ends up in her Rocky folder.
I tried where the body contains 'Cappex'  which they all do, but no luck.  I
tried in the subject 'college', 'university', or 'scholarship' which they
all have, but no cigar.
Any ideas on what's going wrong here or how to create a rule that will work?
Rocky Smolin
Beach Access Software
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