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The cappex rule had only if the word cappex appeared in the body.  The
RockySmolin rule had only if the message was from Rocky. Because the
rocky rule came after the cappex rule, as jon noted, the essage moved to
the cappex folder then the next rule moved it to the rocky folder.  

Lembit's solution of putting the rocky rule first worked because after
moving the message to the rocky folder, the cappex rule move it to the
cappex folder.

but if I had said in the cappex rule to stop processing rules if the
cappex rule applied, then the cappex rule, placed before the rocky rule,
would have worked.


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Or, you could've removed the "from Rocky" criteria, if I'm following

Susan H.

> Per Jon f I had checked stop processing rules if this rule sapplies, the
> original Cappex rule would have worked.
> Still using both criteria -- from Rocky with Cappex in the subject? I'm
> wondering if you even need the From Rocky criteria.
> Susan H.

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