[dba-Tech] Outlook Express

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 06:57:55 CST 2012

Okay, I misunderstood the part about the rule stating both conditions. That 
makes good sense. I think I will write about this -- interesting and an easy 
error for users to make and have no idea what's wrong.

Susan H.

> The cappex rule had only if the word cappex appeared in the body.  The
> RockySmolin rule had only if the message was from Rocky. Because the
> rocky rule came after the cappex rule, as jon noted, the essage moved to
> the cappex folder then the next rule moved it to the rocky folder.
> Lembit's solution of putting the rocky rule first worked because after
> moving the message to the rocky folder, the cappex rule move it to the
> cappex folder.
> but if I had said in the cappex rule to stop processing rules if the
> cappex rule applied, then the cappex rule, placed before the rocky rule,
> would have worked.

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