[dba-Tech] Word Template for DVD covers

Tina Norris Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Wed Jul 4 13:55:22 CDT 2012

Hi Arthur,

I did some hunting for you on this.

Here's one on this page, that I remember I downloaded and modified for a 
CD I made as a Christmas gift:

This one offers blank templates that look good, but so far, I keep 
getting a gateway timeout when I try to actually download one of them:

Searching the Avery site turned up some possibilities, too:

Here's another page of Microsoft templates:

I hope this helps,

Tina Norris Fields
tinanfields at torchlake.com

On 7/4/2012 1:08 PM, Arthur Fuller wrote:
> A friend of mine constantly drops off copies of movies, with no cover or
> anything, just strapped together in an elastic band. When I borrow a movie
> from the library, I scan the cover and print it, and then insert the cover
> into a blank CD/DVD cover. But for the copies my friend drops off, I cannot
> do this. So what I'm seeking is a method (Word template perhaps) into which
> I can type the title and the director and the star(s), and print a cover
> page for said movie, such that the spine will contain the title and the
> front page will contain the title, the star(s) and the director. The title
> must print vertically; the front page horizontally.
> Anyone got a template like this, or advice on how to build one?
> TIA,

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