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I also use and recommend Linksys. 
Remembering your home topography, I would recommend more capable unit than
the 1200.

I too use the droid app w my tablet to keep up w different wireless
networks. Great for my home entertainment installs.

Of course, it could have something to do w Comic Con ....

Bob Heygood 

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Dear Lists:
The wireless side of my wireless router is going south on me.  Wired ports
are fine.  Wireless comes in, drops out  at random (Seems they don't last
more the 3 years or so...)

Anywho, I'm on hold with Staples right now to see what's in stock - I gave
the tech 5 routers to see if they have one on the shelf:
Netgear N150,
Belkin N300,
Netgear N300,
Linksys E1200
Cisco Valet +
They're all between $35 and $50 - so it doesn't pay to really shop around or
drive anywhere.
Oops, only got the Netgear N300 on the shelf but it get 4.5 out of 5 stars
from customer reviews on the Staples site.
Any opinions?
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