[dba-Tech] The new Win8

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 19 21:20:37 CDT 2012

Not only is the new Win8 causing problems for itself but those problems are
extending further into the Linux world. If I was of a suspicious nature I
might think this was a bit of a conspiracy.

Regardless, Microsoft is using all the powers and money in its war chest to
squeeze out more competition as it tries to create a Windows world free from
other products. Ballmer must be smiling as he was the person who, back in
the 90's who stated that Linux was the greatest threat to the computer
business world it had ever seen.

Some Linux versions have sighed on to UEFI security boot chip system
implemented by MS while other are trying to figure a way around this
hardware security. Of course the simple act of defeating the new Windows
UEFI security can be viewed as illegal and the violation of numerous



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