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Hans-Christian Andersen hans.andersen at phulse.com
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While this sort of language would easily convince a layman, if you are a
tech person, the more you think about this assertion ('it is hardware to
prevent hacking'), the less sense it makes. All this module does is prevent
someone booting a machine with an unauthorised operating system/code. That
is simply it. Now, I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last
time that any serious hack, breach and/or data theft was done by physically
accessing a computer. I don't even remember the last time anyone ever got a
boot sector virus.

Plus, this 'security' mechanism would do nothing to prevent an unauthorised
person from booting up a machine with a valid Windows install nor does it
protect a machine after it has been booted. From what I understand, it also
implements a networking stack, which means that it can be exploited if
there are any flaws.

So what is the point of this? Why would Microsoft spend so much effort on
something which is a solution to a problem *that has stopped having any
relevance for over a decade*?

I think we are simply being hoodwinked. Microsoft simply wants to own the
PC space and become the gatekeeper with the power to decide who is allowed
on a machine (that they didn't even own themselves, I might add. For the
most part, they just provide the operating system - just one component of a
PC computer ecosystem. Why should they be allowed to control everything?).

If Microsoft had any other motive than this, they would have disassociated
themselves from the certification program - instead handing that power over
to a separate nonprofit organisation much like ICANN, who do not have a
political or financial motivation in deciding who is allowed to be

But they haven't.

The PC is no longer an open platform anymore. All the reasons many techs
scoff at Mac users for and calling Apple tyrannical are disappearing and
you are becoming no different than Apple users - the only difference being
that Apple never promised to be an open platform - just a great integrated

I'm just surprised PC users are taking it lying down!

- Hans

On 19 July 2012 19:38, John Bartow <john at winhaven.net> wrote:

> From what I've read it's simply a hardware layer meant to prevent hacking.
> There's always some group that will cry foul though. I guess the key is to
> sign onto the program.
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> Not only is the new Win8 causing problems for itself but those problems are
> extending further into the Linux world. If I was of a suspicious nature I
> might think this was a bit of a conspiracy.
> Regardless, Microsoft is using all the powers and money in its war chest to
> squeeze out more competition as it tries to create a Windows world free
> from
> other products. Ballmer must be smiling as he was the person who, back in
> the 90's who stated that Linux was the greatest threat to the computer
> business world it had ever seen.
> Some Linux versions have sighed on to UEFI security boot chip system
> implemented by MS while other are trying to figure a way around this
> hardware security. Of course the simple act of defeating the new Windows
> UEFI security can be viewed as illegal and the violation of numerous
> patents.
> http://www.zdnet.com/another-way-around-linuxs-windows-secureboot-problem-70
> 00000829/<http://www.zdnet.com/another-way-around-linuxs-windows-secureboot-problem-70%0A00000829/>
> Jim
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