[dba-Tech] Linux equivalent of Office 2013?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 20 16:45:25 CDT 2012

No, maybe I am not understanding you but the word "applications" as our
computers are capable of even running multiple instances of certain
applications at the same...? Particularly, when discussing web browsers type


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That should be "application" singular.

For "applications",  create  <Virtual Host> entries in  httpd.conf and
matching entires in your 
Hosts file.


On 20 Jul 2012 at 13:20, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> > There are lots of delightful applications and opportunities out there
> in
> > truth they are mostly web based. That means all you need is browser and
> you
> > are away. 
> To use it, not to develop it.
> ...sure you can develop on a single PC no problem. Just set up an Apache
> server...and use to test the applications.

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