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Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Tue Jul 14 22:45:00 CDT 2015

Dear Lists:

Please forgive the OT.  But my son Noah (will be a sophomore Physics major
at Cal Poly this fall - but a pretty good code jockey in his own right) and
two colleagues - one in Vancouver and one in Phoenix - are putting together
a content aggregator site to compete with reddit and like sites. But they
have what they think are some competitive advantages.  
The site is under development - Noah's doing a lot of the programming using
GoLang - Google's Go language.  Summer's a good time for this project - he
doesn't really need to eat and sleep. :)
They've got big plans.  Incorporate soon and make it a real company. Get
advertisers and make some dough.
Anyway, I'm trying to generate some early sign ups - there's nothing on the
site at the moment but I've subscribed and will get notifications as they
make progress.  You can sign up at http://takk.space 
So if you're curious, sign up.  Maybe...who knows...could be another


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